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Looking for a Custom Theme for your blog?
We can make your desire theme as you whish.


Customized Theme

This package inludes a personalized regular theme.
You tell us how you want your theme to look and we do it as you want.



  • Regular Theme Design
  • You choose the design
  • Banner (we don’t make the banner)
  • Up to 5 custom links
  • Add tags, captions, notes etc.
  • See our examples of regular themes

Price: $25.99 USD


Premium Theme

This plan includes advanced features and a more professional
design, perfect for photographer or bloggers
you choose how you want your tumblr to look.
Effects, social networks, just like a premium theme.



  • Professional design theme
  • Personalized design (you choose the design)
  • Personalized features
  • Social media counter and follow bottons
  • Customizable settings
  • Include all the links that you want.

Price: $49.99 USD


Theme Modification

If you like my themes but you want a modification we offer two types of modifications.

  • Simple Theme Modification $4.99 USD
  • Advanced theme modification $9.99 USD

Simple Theme Modification Includes:

  • Make banner bigger or add a custom header.
  • Add more custom links up to 3.
  • Make one modification to the theme.
  • add captions or tags etc.

Advanced Modification Includes:

  • Keep the same theme structure and make all the modifications that you want.
  • Add sidebar
  • Customizable settings.
  • Up to 5 customizable links if wished.
  • Add social networks.



Web Design for Tumblr

Professional web design for your tumblr.
If you’re using your tumblr as a blogging patform or business don’t hesitate
to make it look more professional giving it a website look, it will make
your blog look more serious and mature and attract more visitors as well as followers.

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Domains for your tumblr

Make your tumblr look more
professional and gain more followers
with a domain name for your tumblr.


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